Wednesday, June 10, 2009


it's me about twenty years ago.. hmm... I posted an earlier version that I didn't like. It's not much different, but I like this one better.... still I'm not quite sure about this... anyway~


  1. Ka ha ha cute. I like dirt on knees. It is so real. So you were girl scout? I was Aramdan too!

  2. Hallo.
    Have a strange and sudden proposition.
    I am from Ukraine (maybe you heard abt it :) )
    Me and my friends decided to start making ECO Bags...donno if it is good idea. The thing that they are rather usefull and in Ukraine there is almost nothing like that. And such a stuff is necessary thing in everyones bag.
    The reason why I am here.
    Was checking different sketches for Ladies Bags. Would like to make small funny and colorful cards, then put them into each bag to make the appearance of them more friendly. And I run into your sketches.
    Was thinking.....probably it would be interesting for you too if cards with your sketches and sign appears with the bags.
    No, its not for money (unfortunately for today). Everything based on the desire to bring positive emotions to everydays life!
    I like this girl A LLLOOTTT!!!! And I would like to put it into a card too. It will be like...a hint (!!!) that is good for young ladies too.
    It was llong story ))))))
    My name is Olga.
    My email
    same as MSN
    if there will be any interest - I am waiting :)

    1. oh my god.. so sorry for this late late reply..I haven't logged in this blog since 2009. I just checked this message a minute ago. I don't mind if you used this image already..